Forum Würth Arlesheim, 27.01.2017 – 13. 01.2019

The exhibition The Collector’s Eye traces some recent developments in the Würth Collection, which currently numbers more than seventeen thousand works of art. On show are acquisitions that have resulted from consultations between the collector Reinhold Würth and his art advisory committee. The wide range encompassed by the works reflects efforts both to close gaps in the collection by acquiring major works by such acknowledged exponents of modern art as Max Beckmann, Max Ernst, Emil Nolde and Rufino Tamayo and to set up a dialogue between their art and that of our own day. Early modernist items therefore rub shoulders with works by leading international Players in the world of contemporary art, including Tony Cragg, Anselm Kiefer and Gerhard Richter, whose art has maintained a consistently high standard over longer periods and has lost none of its compelling actuality. Sculpture in the Würth Collection is represented in the exhibition by collaborative items by Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon. With the almost alchemical transformational power of their installations, they not only exploit material qualities to the full, but also address the verbal dimension of artistic discourse. The multi-faceted display of paintings, drawings and sculptures ranges from abstraction to figuration and from expressionist to conceptually based art. It captures one moment in an ongoing collecting process while offering a conspectus of major artistic trends over the past hundred years.

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Würth International AG
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