(na, fritze?) lakritze
in the Würth Collection

17. July 2020 to 18. July 2021, extended until 31 October 2021

Ingenious amateur, universal artist, jack-of-notrades – descriptions of the artist Dieter Roth (Hanover 1930 – Basel 1998) are almost as varied as his oeuvre. He is famous for art works that transgress all borders and surprise viewers, often leaving them musing, or amused. His works made of molded chocolate, shaped rabbit droppings, or rotten cheese are legendary.

Roth recognized the beauty of mould, the aesthetics of change, and integrated these spiritedly into his production of art. Transience, change and the processual are elements that determine his work.

Dieter Roth‘s roots as an artist, however, are in graphic art. As a qualified advertising technician, he was as familiar with the aesthetics as with the technical fundamentals of that medium and greatly exhausted their potential. Like few others, Dieter Roth created an artistic synthesis, which is difficult to categorize in terms of genres. He was one of those artists who consistently played out the dissolution of boundaries in the arts as of the 1960s and thus shaped our understanding of contemporary art in general. Roth’s cross-border works surprise and fascinate viewers to this very day. The exhibition highlights the most important periods in Roth’s artistic career mainly by means of works dating from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.

More information about the exhibition you will find here.

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