Joan Miró – Everything is poetry. Würth Collection.

25th January 2019 until 19th April 2020

The exhibition “Joan Miró – Everything is poetry. Würth Collection” presents mainly graphic art from the late oeuvre of the world-famous Catalan artist.

From the very beginning, the works by Miró were one of the defining positions in the Würth Collection, which has been compiled in five decades of collecting activity. This monographic show at the Forum Würth Arlesheim now provides the opportunity to engage with this particular position collection in the within a more intimate framework and in greater depth.

The works by the Spanish artist – from prints and drawings via multi-part book illustrations to sculpture – highlight the artist’s artistic and technical diversity. After all, Miró saw himself as a “peintre-poète” (a painter-poet).

Joan Miró (1893-1983) is regarded as one of the famous representatives of Surrealism alongside his contemporaries Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí and André Masson. Like his companions, Miró also developed a pictorial idiom of his own. His aesthetic is determined by abstraction and characterised by symbolic forms and clear colours. His great recognition value is due to a highly distinctive pictorial idiom.

Although the motifs are seemingly spontaneous and improvised, sometimes even childlike and playful, they are the result of calculated preparatory work and, at the time of a civil war marked by fascism and violence in Spain, sometimes conceal their serious subtext.

This combination of works by Joan Miró provides insight into the artist’s life and work and at the same time points to multifarious influences: Paris intellectuals, theatre and poetry, as well as intuition and the natural forms of the Spanish landscape.

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