Anne Hausner – Nature Pieces
Würth Collection and Works on Loan

16 June 2022 to 4 June 2023

“The eye should wander, discover, yes, read. This requires time, also for the viewer. I wish that he lets himself in, lets himself be drawn into this contemplative atmosphere, which is at the same time a state of concentrated attention.” – Anne Hausner

Anne Hausner finds the subjects for her contemplative works in nature. Entire series within the work complexes “Water”, “Sky”, “Earth” and “Stones” are the result of her detailed powers of observation. These “nature pieces” focus on both the extreme closeness and the far distance with the aim of fathoming the essence of things and seeing them as a metaphor for the greater whole.

In technically perfect realization she shows surfaces and structures, mostly painted with oil or acrylic on wood, sometimes drawn with pencil. Her pleasure in looking at surfaces, on which light and shadow play strange games, becomes clear. In Hausner’s paintings, it is precisely the seemingly random, the incidental, even the everyday that proves to be an unlimited territory for the adventures of perception.

The Würth Collection has had a close relationship with Anne Hausner for a long time. The friendship between the entrepreneur and collector Reinhold Würth and the Austrian painter Rudolf Hausner (1914-1995), which lasted for many years, soon drew attention to the paintings of Hausner’s former student and later wife Anne. Thus, more than 40 works gradually entered the Würth Collection. They strike new notes within the collection and provide surprising accents.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.

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