José Carlos Viana, Croquis, Works on Paper and Paintings

13 June to 6 October 2024

José Carlos Viana’s colour compositions initially materialise as croquis – first versions on paper – which are then repeated in larger formats on paper or canvas. Combinations, repetitions, copies, reproductions and collages therefore feature prominently in his work. His drafts for pictures always exude dynamism, energy and rhythm, and are reminiscent of the sounds of the jazz music that accompanies him while he is working in his studio.
The artist was born in Lisbon in 1937. His work exhibits a diverse range of sources of inspiration. The self-taught artist’s fascination with modern painting, in particular Impressionism, Dadaism and Cubism, is perceptible in his works. Another important source of inspiration for him are his sojourns on the Portuguese coast.
During his career in the Würth Group, Viana held different management functions – among others, as founder of todays Würth Finance International B.V. He remained on the supervisory board of Würth Finance International B.V. as a delegate until 2010. Viana has been preoccupied with art since his childhood. Self-taught and committed to the fine arts all his life, he attended drawing and painting courses in Portugal, the United States and Switzerland, and repeatedly accompanied the entrepreneur and art collector Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth on visits to international exhibitions.
Today José Carlos Viana lives in Zurich and works in his studio on Zürichberg.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.

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