in the Würth Collection
17 July 2020 to 18 July 2021, extended until 31 Ocotber 2021

It may seem a bit confusing to refer to everything that is on show here as “books”, given that so very different forms are involved. Every book-lover will endorse the view that books can be art. Artists’ books, however, represent a special sector and have quite unusual forms of expression. There are numerous examples of such books in the Würth Collection and this exhibition testifies to their impressive diversity. One particular focal point is the early 20th century, when representatives above all of Surrealism and Dada undertook border-crossings between art and literature. Here the laws of chance and the depths of the unconscious played a vital role. Not only was that borderline between art and literature crossed, the book format itself was abandoned. Artists experimented with printing techniques, paper and the book production process, thus creating unique artistic syntheses. The differences between the exhibits also correspond to the diversity of contexts in which the books on show originated. The tour of the exhibition, therefore, becomes both a journey of discovery through the art history of the last century, and above all a great reading and visual delight.

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